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Traditional Mexican Cuisine

inspired by Seasonality.

All of Mexico

one plate after another...

The food you thought you knew along with its remarkable origin stories, brought to you by the team behind Portland's beloved restaurants, República and Lilia.



Every dish has a story, every componet has a starting point. 

For us, bringing those stories to your table, no matter how simple or how complex they might be, has always been the greater purpose of our establishments. 


There are many regions throughout Mexico where the people still live off of the land. The flavors of their cuisine change depending on what is available to them throughout the seasons. 

For us, its become the driving force behind the way we plan and execute our menus; support our local producers, and work with what this land gives us each day. 


Make the food our mothers would be proud of. 

De Noche is a gift to the people who have given us so much. Not just our immediate family from Mexico, but also our ancestors who cultivated the land before the arrival of Spaniards.

Every night we celebrate them and their stories in the only way we know how. 


De Noche

Traditional Mexican Cuisine inspired by seasonality.

That is the intention of this space: to create a venue that not only celebrates the culinary traditions of Mexico, but does it with respect to the availability of local seasonal ingredients in the PNW.

De Noche is the third restaurant by the República & Co. Hospitality Group. What sets it apart from República & Lilia is the approachability and familiarity of its menu. Dishes like tetelas, quesadillas and tlayudas are part of the intentionality behind our Maíz Program. 

Five nights a week, the team at De Noche brings you a mix of old and new classics, along with their stories of etymology. Whether at the Chef’s Counter or at one of our more intimate table throughout the dining room, you can experience the entire menu via our Dinner for Two. 


This here

is truly what sets us apart.


Ancestral Varietals

The most important component in our  kitchen. Different varietals imported directly from regions of Mexico like Tlaxcala and Oaxaca. 

Once at our door, we nixtamilize and convert the maíz to masa, bringing you the very best masa dishes in this city. 

Mexican Spirits

Beyond Margaritas & Tequila

Located adjacent to Bar Comala, you will not find a more complete collection of Spirits and Liqueurs from Mexico in the PNW; Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Amaro, and of course Mezcal. 

From beautiful cocktails to rare Mezcal pairings.

The Agave Program here is certainly one of the best in the country!

PNW Seasonality

Sourced locally

We work with the seasons! 

Inspired by the stories of the people living in the outskirts of the big cities in Mexico. 

Because of our long-standing relationships with local producers and growers, we can afford to bring you something new, just about every time you walk through our doors.

Wines & More

LGBTQ, BIPOC, and Women, only.

One of the most inclusive and progressive wine programs in the country. Featuring one of the largest selection of wines from Mexico, all in one place. 

Pairings available with our Dinner

for Two.



De Portland
al Mundo

For some, this food might appear unfamiliar. After all, it doesn't fit the mold of people's perception of what Mexican cuisine is supposed to be and/or taste like.

For us, it's about the fundamentals. If you understand the classics and work with local components to recreate those classics, the quality of your food with its familiarity will defy the way you ever perceived this cuisine in the first place.


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