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Our Menu

For the week of April 24th, 2024


Mole del Día

Our Mole del Día changes each week.


Whether it is the famed Mole Negro, the Mole where you take ingredients from every corner of your kitchen, throw them in the fire, and turn them to ash, or a magnificent Mole Amarillo which often highlights the influence of Japanese immigration to Mexico, you will always be surprised by something unlike anything you've tried before. 

Paired with locally sourced produce, seafood, and more. 


Rotating throughout the summer, we have a beautiful new Aguachile each week.

Originating from the Sinaloan Sierra, Aguachile is a preservation technique that predates colonization. 

When workers from Japan began migrating to Sinaloa in the late 19th century, seafood became the common protein for this incredible dish.


Tlayuda Occidental

A wonderful dish inspired by the remarkable flavors of the Oaxacan Cosast. 

Maíz, salsa de papalo, kampachi, chapulines, and pea tendrils, topped with yuzu and tangerine oil. 


An ode to the seasons. 

This dish is simply meant to highlight the bounty which washes over the Pacific Northwest in the Spring.

Carrots with jalapeño crema, cheese, salsa, and maíz.

De Noche December-21.jpg

Plato de Birria

The dish Chef Dani is best known for.

Rich short rib cooked to perfection, served with consommé, and tortillas.


This one is pretty special. Inspired by our team at República's recent trip to Mexico, this is a dish we’ve never tried before.

What is essentially a risotto, we lightly grind maíz into a coarse masa. Then we cook the masa similarly to how one would prepare a risotto. The result is a nourishing, warm you from the inside out dish that we quite frankly is a wonder even to us.

De Noche December-38.jpg

Postre del Día

Each night, Chef Dani treats us to a rotating

selection of Postres.

To view the entire menu, please download the PDF here.

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